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How is everybody out there?
This morning I was talking with a she-friend named Alina while having breakfast.
She is getting into a deep concern about learning English and I offered myself to chat up with her in English once in a while.
As a few of you know I wrote an article called “How to learn English in 20 hours”.
This article helps you to navigate properly  through English learning proposes, but in this case I come up with something different.
For the record, I am not an English teacher, if anything a learner as many of you guys, but the phrases following below are really useful to make colorful your English specially in regard to link the sentences with fresh content.
I hope you harness the following sentences and apply them in your conversations. Take a hold of yourself when talking in English and use these linkers in your regular conversations.
Useful sentences:
It’s up to you = your call
You are up (te toca)
Nowhere near it = nada más lejos de eso
I’d say…
A lot alike = muy parecido
I feel like you’d have to go there (creo que tendrías que ir allí)
From where I’m sitting = en mi opinion
How come = cómo puede ser qué
I’m kinda short on money. Could you pay, please?
Turns out = resulta que
I’d have /airaf/ = hubiera. If I’d have known
Mind if = te importaría si
Mind you = keep it in mind, take it into account
To hit = llegar (to get)
Catch up with = ponerse al día con
Same thing goes for the kid = lo mismo vale para el niño.
It goes for = vale para (Go by =! Go for)
Is there anything I can do
There ain’t no way to frame you for this = no hay forma (no hay manera) de colarte esto
Pleased to meet you > Likewise; you too
The things are fixing to get good results
You wanna frame me this? Me quieres encajar esto? (“Enmarcar” pero aquí : encajar, colar). You wanna frame it to me. Me la quieres colar.
I ain’t got no money (coloquial)
Wouldn’t dream of it = ni soñarlo
Bitch of it all = la putada de todo esto
You got a point there = en eso tienes razón
I’ll keep you all posted = te mantengo informado
Speaking of
To tag along with you = to agree with you
I’m trying to break bread with you = I’m trying to get along with you
you are getting me an earful = me estás comiendo la cabeza, el tarro.
You did one hell of a job = hiciste un trabajo de mierda. That’s one hell of a job
At long last = por fin
(It) Ain’t much of 15 free days to be vacations = no es mucho tener sólo 15 días de vacaciones = It isn’t much of.
What is this all about? = de qué va esto?
What does this go for? = para qué vale esto?
On the face of it = apparently, aparentemente; parece ser que…
It is the very point/idea = es el mismo punto de vista/idea. Es lo mismo.
Have you happened to see that car? = ¿por casualidad has visto ese coche? / do you happen to eat that meet? = ¿por casualidad te vas a comer esa carne? / I happened to see the news yesterday = por casualidad vi las noticias ayer.
You make yourself at home = como si estuvieras en tu casa
You make yourself out = te das a entender
110% do agree with this = de acuerdo al 100% | 110% do not agree with this
He ain’t got a clue = he doesn’t have a clue = he has no a clue
How we’re doing? = cómo vamos, cómo lo llevas (refiriéndose a un acción que está en marcha. Por ejemplo: alguien está haciendo un trabajo y le preguntas que qué tal lo lleva)
Cut it out = déjalo ya (basta ya) | drop it
Et cetera = you name it, so on, so forth, all that jazz
I don’t even know how to say this without coming off like an asshole = no sé siquiera cómo decir esto sin quedar como un idiota
(To come off like = quedar cómo)
What is your day like? = como va el día (cómo te está yendo el día)
The procedure is far too dangerous = very dangerous
I throw in something for myself = caigo en la cuenta
I got carried away = me dejé llevar
So, what are you winging /uenchen/ about? = ¿de qué te quejas? / complaining
I’ll go with = me quedo con
To long = deseo, anhelo. I long to see you (to look forward)
Big time = un mogollón
Get on with it = pongamos manos a la obra
You had he sending the letter to me = dejaste que me enviara la carta
We got to roll = tenemos que movernos de aquí. Tenemos que pirarnos | gotta roll = gotta bounce = gotta take off…
I just wanna shake off the whole thing = quiero quitarme todo eso de la cabeza
How’d you say you named? /jauchu/
And a see what shows up? = y ver qué pasa
That’s above my pay grade = eso está más allá de lo que estoy dispuesto
You must of got = debes de tener
Lo veía por la escuela = I would see him at school
See if I can = voy a ver si puedo
It’ll take forever = va a costar un huevo
(Not) at all = (non) whatsoever.
I don’t have any doubt whatsoever the show is gonna work properly
Bottom line = a fin de cuentas, en definitiva
I want it so/really bad = lo quiero a toda costa
What does this go for? What are we wasting time talking to her for?
I’m groping in the dark = estoy tanteando a oscuras
I can’t take much more of this = no puedo seguir con esto
How you doing?, How we doing? = cómo lo llevas, cómo vamos?
You turn out to be my best friend = resulta que eres mi mejor amigo
There’s got to be a way (to do something or whatever…)
I seem to remember = me parece recordar
As it were = por así decirlo, por decir algo
Gee!, I don’t know = Vaya! No lo sé
Who gives a fuck/shit/crap = a quien coño le importa
It amounts to the same thing = viene a ser lo mismo = it comes to be the same thing
That is uncalled for = eso está fuera de lugar
Pick up the pace a bit = aumentemos el paso un poco.
You need to haul ass = mueve el culo
By whatever means necessary = por los medios que sean necesarios
It can come in handy = puede venir bien
To take it out on someone = tomarla con alguien
It’s worth = merece la pena
You could save yourself = eso te lo podías ahorrar
That’s why so = eso es por lo que
No takers = no cuela
On account of = teniendo en cuenta que
You got the nerve to say… = tienes los huevos (valor, sangre fría, descaro) de decir… (the guts, the balls…)
If the shoe was on the other foot what’d you do? = si estuvieras en mi lugar, qué harías?
What is it all about trains that you like so much?, ¿qué tienen los trenes que te gustan tanto?
What is this about? De qué va esto
That is what this is about = eso es de lo que va esto. De eso se trata. / of course, for sure
What about you? Tú que opinas, que dices, que piensas, que hay de ti
If you want the battery to last longer. Si quieres que la batería dure más (to last = durar)
On that note = nótese que, fíjate que
Can you draw a conclusion with the data we have?. Perfilar una conclusión (to draw)
Roll over, déjate llevar
I’m gonna hang out at Mikel’s? = voy a quedar en casa de Mikel
Let me tuck you in kiddo = deja que te arrope pequeñajo
Have a taste = pruébalo (comida) | Can I try them on (probármelos, unos zapatos, por ejemplo).
Creo que podemos arreglar algo = I feel like we can make up something
Básicamente ya lo has dicho todo = you pretty much covered it
You need to tell me if you have it = has de decirme si lo tienes (tienes que)
All the more for me = más para mí
So to speak = todo sea dicho
Long story short = por resumir
How did you come to study that career?
She walked out sans suitcase = sin maleta (sans = without)
-What do you want me to tell you?. -Pretty much anything = -qué quieres que te diga. -básicamente nada
I know this thing gotcha fucked (got you)
Mental jerk off = paja mental
I’ll be there on the spot = estaré allí de inmediato
D’you have any left? = ¿te queda algo? (Any = or something)
Attaboy! = Colloquial American expresión that means to encourage or approval someone
What is it like having a brother?
I’m fitting that you are here… estoy encajando que estés aquí  / this is fitting (es adecuado, conveniente)
I remember when you and dad would take me to the zoo = recuerdo cuando tú y papá me LLEVABAIS al zoo (no pasado simple, sino perfecto)
I don’t think you have to give in (ceder)
Your guess is as good as mine
Your room beckons = tu habitación te espera (hacer señas) // your room is waiting for you
What does that have to do with anything? = ¿qué tiene que ver eso?
I’m UP TO my eyes in shit  = estoy HASTA el cuello de mierda // I’m busy working = I’m up to my eyes working
This is somewhat expensive = esto es algo caro
Here goes nothing = no tengo nada que perder
Beats the alternative = mejor que nada (mejor que otra cosa)
Knock yourself out = go ahead = adelante
By studying English you’ll learn what it’s like connecting with other people in other language (what it’s like = lo que representa…)
At the beginning = early on (the opposite of “later on”)
Any all time, man = when you want, man
I will stop at nothing to get…
¿De qué tienes tanto miedo, ahora (de repente)? = what are you so afraid of, all of a sudden?
All the less/more… = y mucho menos/más…
No wonder that… = no me extraña que…
There’s gotta have a reason for = tiene que haber una razón para
I can’t do it, and let alone you = yo no puedo hacerlo, y mucho menos tú.
Have you made up your mind? = ¿has decidido algo? / ¿has tomado una decisión?
Imagine what it takes to… = imagina lo que supone…
So be it = que así sea
I can’t keep up with you = no te puedo seguir el ritmo
Rubbing salt into the wound = metiendo el dedo en la llaga (esparcir sal en la herida)
Take it up with = apáñatelas con
Take on someone = tomarla con alguien
You gotta do what you are told = tienes que hacer lo que se te diga
I take it you are… = supongo que tú eres… (= I guess) | It takes a big effort= supone un gran esfuerzo
I can’t take it anymore = no lo soporto más
I wouldn’t have it any other way = no lo soporto más.
Imagine that I have you coming for lunch when you don’t feel like coming…
It’s about time! = ya era hora!
I mean it!= lo digo en serio!
Have you quite finished? = ¿has acabado YA?
You are in a spot of bother = estás en un momento incómodo
What good is = qué tiene de bueno (what good is having our platform in Latin America if we can’t lure people there)
But It beats the alternative, doesn’t it? = pero eso es mejor que nada, no?
Sort of = something like that
If anything = en todo caso
Beats the hell out of me = no tengo ni idea
I’ll be off = me voy
Outside of = aparte de eso
I’m in = me apunto
See you in the flip side = te veo en el otro lado, fuera.
Hate to brake it but…  = siento decirlo pero…
Whatever = lo que sea / no pasa nada
To pull yourself together = organizarte mentalmente
Take a hold of yourself = contrólate

Mind you this is not the solution to your English learning but I can’t help thinking these phrases can keep your fluency on.
Get on with it

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