07 Nov 2020

2020-11-07 Meb Faber | Cambria (v.o.)

In this presentation, Meb presents us with a global investment model, like Harry Browne's permanent portfolio, but based on a different set of asset classes and seeking not to take unnecessary risks, diversifying by using foreign stocks, adding trend-following strategies and adding strategies tail risk.

2020-11-07 Michael Morosi | Saivers (v.o.)

Michael Morossi, CIO of Saivers Capital Advisors, brings a totally different vision as an addition to this year's Zonavalue Club event. Saivers brings to Europe a Portfolio of Hedge Funds that not only invests in Funds that use Artificial Intelligence such as Point72 or Renaissance, but also uses internal AI models to make asset allocation, as well as 20% of the Portfolio is managed with its own strategies using AI. On top of that, other strategies such as Ironwood, Alkeon or Third Point, all in a Portfolio that brings the management of Hedge Funds closer to Europeans.

2020-11-07 Tavi Costa | Crescat Capital (v.o.)

Tavi Costa reveals to us in this presentation the thesis of Crescat Capital regarding the Gold and Silver miners with incredible results in view of his fund based on miners with + 52.3% YTD 2020. His thesis in the presentation for Zonavalue explains why the mining sector is the one that has a true asymmetry to be exploited and not Gold per se. In addition to giving a macro global vision that offers shelter to their thesis, to the point that it dismantles your own principles and thesis.

2020-11-07 Jeff Gramm | Bandera Partners (v.o.)

In this presentation, Jeff joins his expertise as a professor at Columbia Business School, a student of Joel Greenblatt and manager of Bandera Partners Hedge Fund, and combines it all in a master class where he teaches Value and how to manage emotions, or how to find ideas for investment.

2020-11-07 Eduardo Ripollés | Mapfre AM (v.o.)

In this presentation Eduardo talks about the very fashionable sustainable investment (ESG) and how to benefit from it. An exhibition that reveals the asset selection process based on these criteria, and not only these criteria, since an investment is not only ESG but must meet investment criteria of quality and price

2020-11-07 Wesley Gray | Alpha Architect (v.o.)

Super interesting presentation on the convenience of using factor investing as an approach to investment and a concept that has been developed in greater depth called Career Risk, which refers to the risk associated with non-systematic active strategies. Wesley Gray is one of the leading quantitative investors for his educational and training work through Alpha Architect and its value and Momentum exchange-traded funds.

2020-11-07 Round Table “Market disruption. Artificial intelligence and investment technology” | Bren Worth, Tavi Costa, Wesley Grey, Christopher Dembick and Jeff Gramm with Iván García as moderator (v.o.)

In this round table, a group of managers and entrepreneurs of the highest level, discuss about how AI can affect their investment criteria, about the benefit of embracing the change in the industry in favor of the introduction of AI in model management and on the future of Value Investing within the framework of this disruptive platform that is AI.

08 Nov 2020

2020-11-08 Bren Worth | Substrate AI (v.o.)

Brennan Worth, Co-Founder and CTO of Substrate AI, for the annual Zonavalue Club event, has finally shown us how AI agents work on the inside. How the models are built, what fundamental (factors) and technical (momentum) data they use, what hieratic, neural, cognitive processes, etc., use the artificial intelligence models and how they train and simulate to make investment decisions.

2020-11-08 Diego Parrilla | Quadriga (v.o.)

Diego reveals to us the needs that we must cover, defending capital and attacking, making an allegory with football to frame his explanation. He talks about “anti-bubbles”, about false diversification and how to solve the enigma, especially on the defense side, how to defend a strategy when the investor needs it?

2020-11-08 John Boyar | Boyar AM (v.o.)

Jon Boyar will reveal to us at the event the secret of success over so many years, Boyar Value being one of the legendary firms on Wall Street. He also explains how Value should evolve if you want to stay in the market.

2020-11-08 Christopher Dembik | Saxo Bank (v.o.)

Christopher Dembik, one of the best macroeconomic analysts in Europe, explains to us for the annual Zonavalue event the consequences that the Post-COVID era will bring. He will speak of a recovery in K, of the asymmetry between Wall Street and Main Street as a counterpoint to the theory that the market would support citizens, and reveals his personal investment portfolio including the asset classes that comprise it.

2020-11-08 Phil Bak | SecLenX (v.o.)

How to succeed in a sector as competitive as asset management and end up managing 1 Bn? For Phil Bak, one of the few who can say he has succeeded, the path is simple, though not easy. Innovation, innovation innovation, where appropriate, innovation to provide a very cheap service to other professional players, and innovation to launch innovative products. Factorial and multi-strategy ETFs.

2020-11-08 Tobias Carlisle | Acquirers Funds (v.o.)

Fantastic presentation for our 2020 annual event in Zonavalue. Toby helps us resolve the Value underperformance that has plagued investors for a decade. But it puts into perspective that this is not an isolated event. On other occasions we have seen similar disruptions and periods where the value has not surpassed the glamor, although, in cyclical terms the excess extra returns is massive if you are able to stay in the strategy.

2020-11-08 Round Table “Value investing against the new economic change” | Meb Faber, John Boyar, Tobias Carlisle, Diego Parrilla, Michael Morosi and Eduardo Ripollés with Lorenzo Serratosa as moderator (v.o.)

In this round table we have high-end Value investors who apply different approaches to investment, but all with enormous success, discussing the future of Value Investing after a decade of underperformance in the framework of the new economy.